Sup Homies!

So here's the thing... I've been slackin' ... I'll be the first to admit it.

Time is not promised to a single soul.

I'm about this dream, because there's something special about doing what is thought to be impossible. It's not about proving people wrong, I couldn't care less about that... It's about knowing that just because you're lost, it doesn't mean you've lost everything. Allowing your own past accomplishments to give you the push you need to keep going. Yes, we get one life but we also get all the love we need if we just look inside and to the sky. Give yourself more credit.

New Goals :

1. Don't be scared... Stop playin' and let this EP get off the ground and fly!

2. Know my worth and my power! "God got me"

3. Read NON-STOP

4. Create NON STOP

5. Be unapologetically me NON STOP! 

6. Get up on my guitar game... Shred er'day... yep... ER'day! NON-STOP!

What are your goals? Boom! yep, I'm holding you accountable too. We all doing this together! #PeaceLoveAndSalmonGrease